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When you want to sell your home, your first consideration is finding a reliable and trustworthy real estate agent. We have been working with homeowners from all over Boston, Cambridge, Newton and other nearby neighborhoods to help them enhance their property for maximum ROI and sell it at the best price possible. 

Selling Your Home

Over the years, the buying and selling of properties has seen many changes. Most buyers today prefer to perform their searches online through the various tools available. 

At First Choice Realty, we make sure your home is listed on all online platforms so potential buyers will see it and be able to contact us if they are interested. 

In addition to online marketing, we also utilize other forms of marketing to enhance the visibility of your property so selling your home becomes convenient and quick. We present your property in a way to highlight the positive aspects and attractive suitable buyers.

Here are some of the services we provide to sell your home:

  • We have sold most homes in under 30 days
  • Virtual Tours
  • Professional Photography
  • Home Staging by design experts
  • Comparative Market Analysis to get the highest price possible
  • Internet Marketing utilizing Property websites, Social Media and traditional networking
  • Scheduling and Conducting Open Houses
  • Following up with open house visitors
  • Creating an individual marketing plan for your property
  • Marketing Fliers and Classified Ads

Selling Agent

When you want to sell a home, First Choice Realty agents can be hired as seller’s agents who work exclusively for the seller. This ensures that the agent is solely responsible for the best interests of the seller. The agent will do his or her best to make sure the seller is satisfied with the process. Their responsibilities include dealing with the buyer’s agent, helping you set a price for your home and advising you about how best to stage your home.

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Home Selling Advice

First Choice Realty has been working with sellers since 1999. Our agents are highly trained and experienced individuals who have proven track records of successful transactions. If you are looking for home selling advice about any aspect of the selling process, you can contact us or give us a call on 617-396-7181.

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